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The horse ride in the Prenestini Mountains

A charming horse ride in the Prenestini Mountains with the best views nature can offer. An ideal experience for a relacing stay at Aminta Resort.

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The snails harvesting

Discover the snail-farming world. A unique experience guided by an expert farmer in the snails' habitat.

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Aminta's biological garden

Discover Aminta's biological garden where every product is grown with love. Make your stay interesting and costructive and learn our growing and production methods.

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In the kitchen with the Chef

Find out Chef Bottega's secrets and techniques with his kitchen “mini-course”.

The experience include:

  • a night in a double room with breakfast;
  • a theoretical-pratical lessons with the Chef;
  • a tasting menu dinner at our restaurant.

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Into the wine

A journey through the wine culture with our “mini-course” at Aminta's wine cellar.

The experience include:

  • a night in a double room with breakfast;
  • a tasting lessons with premium wines;
  • a tasting menu dinner at our restaurant;

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Cheese room

In the wine cellar you can taste our cheese selection, accompanied by premium wines.

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Chocolate room

Taste our premium chocolate selection, accompanied by sigars and spirits.

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Guided hikes in the nature

Prenestini Mountains, the Roman countryside and the mountans nearby Genazzano are a cornucopia of landscapes and biodiversity. Depending on the season, is possible to have a walk in the nature, you can find medicinal plants and aromatic herbs that recall the Middel Italy tradition.

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Cooking courses

Take part in our courses at the kitchen to discover with Chef Bottega his secrets. These courses are for everyone how want to deeply explore cooking tecniques, but also for those who want to appoach and experience the world of cooking.

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